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How to create a gallery wall.

First, What is a gallery wall? A gallery wall in your home is an easy, do-it-yourself way to bring your personal style into any room. There is no limit to the possibilities and no right or wrong way to create it. Before you get started check out the following tips for creating an eye-catching gallery wall that you will love!

  1. Find your wall: Creating a great gallery wall doesn’t require a huge area to work with. Select a nook or corner in your living room, a small stretch of hallway, or your entry area.
  2. Choose a focal piece: Find a favorite piece of art and use that as the centerpiece for your gallery wall. This cold be a large canvas painting, family portrait, metal feature piece, or stylish mirror. Then choose the pieces that complement and highlight the center piece.
  3. Determine your theme: Is this gallery wall going to contain artwork and images of all the same texture, color, and materials? Or are you going to mix and match different pieces, photographs, prints, frames, or drawings.
  4. Decide on the arrangement: Gallery walls usually lean one of two ways.
    1. Linear and orderly.
    2. Abstract and dimensional.
    Select the design that matches the look you are going for and start hanging.
  5. Tie the room together: Your gallery wall doesn’t have to end where the wall hits the flooring, consider tying in the other aspects of the room by coordinating colors and materials on pieces, such as rugs, furniture, lamps, plants, bedding, pillows, and more! Or if you have already styled the rest of room, use the colors already there to inspire the pieces and colors in your design.

The ideas are endless for a great gallery wall, use your imagination now that you know how to create a gallery wall and create what fits you and your room the best!

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